Monday, April 18, 2011

The Troll

Jen here. So I've been posting more often than usual, but my posts are shorter. Why? Roy put a blogging app on my phone so now I can take a photo and immediately write a quick blog about it and post it. Hooray!

Yesterday Roy, Dale and I went to sushi with some friends in Fremont, which is in Seattle. Our friends are moving to Chicago in one month so it was a sort of farewell dinner although we will see them a bit before they leave. It was a good time with good food at a restaurant called Chiso.

Each time we go into Seattle we talk of going more often. A tourist has probably been to Seattle and knows more about its different areas than we do. Maybe we will plan some outings... René and Patrick mentioned something about a giant cement troll under a bridge nearby. Cool, we thought, maybe we will come back to Fremont to see it. And off we went. It just so happened that we drove right by the troll!

Check out the picture! He is huge...and is holding a VW Beetle. Pretty cool :)

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