Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer Tournament

Jen here. Yes, we are back in the States. Why am I still writing about HK? Because I am behind in my postings...and I'd like to record the end of our stay in HK! So, do know I will be catching you up on two months of happenings in, well, less than two months (I hope!). Enjoy!

May 22, 2010 Chess4Life | Hong Kong put on our Summer Tournament. Yes, May isn't exactly summer, but in HK it is more summer than spring, thus we named it the "Summer Tournament". We had a good number of students in the tournament, and it went well.

I am intrigued by how Roy (Coach Roy) interacts with the students. His classes and tournaments are very orderly, quiet and calm. He holds their respect and they listen to him. In the quietness and order, one would think the students are bored, sullen or apathetic, but they aren't! They are doing what they enjoy (playing Chess), learning new information and tactics and being reminded of old knowledge. They are being challenged and having fun at the same time. How cool! Roy is able to joke with them and find out what they look forward to each day, what activities they are involved in, etc. What a blessing!